Award Details


The nomination period for our 2022 award will open on September 7, 2021. All submissions must be received by Friday, December 3, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. EST in order to be considered. Anyone can nominate an eligible REALTOR® for the award, except current members of the Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) Board of Directors, nor current members of its REALTORS Care® Committee (see Eligibility Criteria below).

REALTORS® may not nominate themselves. Nominators must complete our nomination form with the name and contact information of the REALTOR® they’re nominating, as well as their name and contact information, for correspondence purposes. A description of the nominee’s contribution to the community, including the nature of their volunteer work, the names of one or more registered Canadian charities they support, the length of their service and any other relevant information, is also required.

Nominators must source and provide at least one (1) letter of reference, dated 2021, from a representative of the registered charity or charities supported by the nominee in order for their nomination to be considered. The letter must be written by a charity representative who supports the nomination and who can speak to the unpaid volunteer work and impact accomplished by the nominee.

Nominators also must provide at least one (1) piece of supporting documentation as evidence of the nominee’s charitable work and impact. Examples of supporting documentation include, but are not limited to, media coverage, social media posts, or photographs.

Eligibility Criteria:

Nominees must be REALTORS® (licensed real estate professionals who are members of CREA) in good standing. Current members of the CREA Board of Directors and its REALTORS Care® Committee may not be nominated. Nominees must have significant and verifiable history of support of one or more Canadian charities. They must have made at least some of their contributions during the previous calendar year (2021). The Selection Committee will also consider ongoing efforts outside that time frame that demonstrate a depth of commitment.

The award is designed for individual REALTORS® only, not groups of REALTORS®. The only exception is if two (2) REALTORS® work together on a project as equal partners and their work truly cannot be separated.

Review of Submissions and Winner Selection:

Our Selection Committee will be made up of two (2) REALTORS Care® Committee members, a current or former Director from the CREA Board of Directors and a representative from the award sponsor, if available. The committee will meet via conference call in January 2022 to review, evaluate and rank all nominations received and select a winner.

The winner must be willing to be photographed, interviewed and featured in various media about the award. If the Selection Committee’s first choice is unwilling to comply, the committee will move forward with the runner-up. Nominees will be judged on the evidence provided of their personal contribution and commitment to supporting one or more registered charities in Canada and the impact of their personal contribution.

The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and CREA will not enter into any discussion concerning the results with other nominees or nominators. The winner and their nominator will be notified of the results in January 2022.

Award and Presentation:

If CREA’s 2022 Annual General Meeting (tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, 2022) is an in-person event, travel expenses to and from Ottawa, and accommodations (up to two rooms, if necessary) will be provided for the winner and a guest. At the event, the recipient will be presented with a trophy and an oversized cheque for $5,000 addressed to their registered Canadian charity of choice. If CREA’s 2022 AGM is virtual, an award presentation honouring the winner(s) will be included in the programming.

News of the award results will be distributed to media outlets across the country and promoted in CREA’s News2Me e-newsletter (distributed directly to 130,000-plus REALTORS®), on and via CREA’s and the REALTORS Care® social media outlets.

The winner(s) and their guest will also be provided with complimentary tickets to the CREA President’s Dinner, should the event still take place.