Syrian Refugee Families Helped by REALTORS® at Welcome Place

Welcome Place in Winnipeg is full of refugee families from war-torn countries around the world and REALTORS® can take heart knowing our caring professionals are doing their part to help stabilize and create strong and welcoming communities.

In 2015, Manitoba Real Estate Association Shelter Foundation provided a grant for all the kitchen supplies, dishes, utensils and cutlery you see with this newly-arrived family.

The family was staying in a temporary one bedroom Welcome Place apartment while learning the basics about life in Canada. In previous years, foundation grants have funded bunk beds, bedding and other household items for refugees making the quick transition from temporary to independent living in Winnipeg. With safely-equipped shelter and services for the transition, until they find a place to call home, this family has all the housewares needed so they don’t have to worry about some smaller practicalities.

They arrived December 20, 2015 and moved out of the apartment January 15, 2016, and into their own apartment.

The Manitoba Real Estate Association wishes the family from Halab, Syria and all refugees a warm and friendly Manitoba welcome.

The photo was graciously provided by Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council. 

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