Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® Surpasses Goal for Legacy Fund Contributions

The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (ASR), is pleased to announce that on January 22, 2014, a cheque for $11,137.67 was presented to the Saskatoon Community Foundation. This amount represents the balance of funds raised in 2013 for the ASR Quality Of Life Legacy Fund.

The original goal for 2013 was to contribute $30,000 to the flow-through funding portion of the Quality of Life Legacy. When combined with the highly-successful Gala held in April, the cheque put the ASR over the top. “We were delighted when we realized that we would not only achieve, but surpass our fundraising goal for 2013,” said Quality of Life Chair, Joanne Kerr. “REALTORS® really got on board with the whole Quality of Life concept, and the fact that we were able to raise $40,536 – $10,500 over and above our goal, is proof positive that REALTORS Care®!”

The funds raised in 2013 will be used to provide a $5,000 grant to a registered charity in each of the six regions within the province. “We have started canvassing the regions, encouraging the charities to submit an application, and we are confident we will again be able to make a contribution that will, in turn, make a significant difference in each of the regions,” said Kerr. “There’s no doubt that there are any number of charities in every region deserving of the grant; job one is to make sure charities are aware of this funding potential; job two is to award the grants.”

In 2013, we were able to provide a grant to each of the following charities:

Kerr also reported that the endowment amount (initially $100,000) has grown and that returns on investment have been reallocated to ensure the endowment keeps on growing.

The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (ASR) is the primary advocate for organized real estate in Saskatchewan, representing the five board/associations as well as the five regional councils on all provincial issues. As a not-for-profit organisation, it provides direction, leadership and support services to its members, the industry and the public. Through effective communication and quality education, the ASR also strives to ensure a healthy real estate environment that allows for increased quality of life in our communities. Real estate is at the core of our economy and advocating for a strategic sustainable approach ensures continued growth and prosperity in Saskatchewan.

Photo: Left to right: Trevor Forrest, SCF Executive Director, and Joanne Kerr, ASR Q of L Chair


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