Regina REALTORS® & NCFC Partner to Help Inner-City Youth

The Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc and the North Central Family Centre (NCFC) have partnered to help youth in Regina’s inner-city. Under terms of the partnership, the ARR will provide sponsorship funding for the NCFC’s Youth Empowerment Program for a three-year period consisting of $2,500 each year and making the Association’s resources available to the NCFC.

The purpose of the program is to employ young people who otherwise may be having difficulty entering the job market, to provide services to Regina’s north-central neighbourhood. These services include lawn-care, snow removal in the winter and doing year-round odd jobs for north-central area residents. The initial funding will be used to purchase a lawn mower, roto tiller and trailer for the program.

“We think this is a great partnership that provides an opportunity for the Association to continue its support to the north-central area of the city. Having just finished our three-year address labeling project in the same area last year, it allows us to continue to work with residents of north-central to help develop their community,” said Rick Roland, 2006 President of the Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc.

“The address labeling helped with safety and security, whereas this new partnership will help employ young people and offer services to area home owners to help maintain their properties.”

The NCFC mission is to carry out works for the encouragement and empowerment of the inner city community by offering educational, sports and recreation, social, cultural and counseling programs to promote positive and healthy changes in the north-central Regina. The NCFC delivers in excess of 45 structured programs to Regina’s inner-city children, youth, families and seniors.

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