Kamloops REALTORS® help find ‘A Path to Home’

In February 2019, the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association (KADREA) partnered with United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo to launch “A Path to Home”—a month-long, three-part campaign that engaged REALTORS® in and around Kamloops, British Columbia, to learn about the spectrum of housing needs in their community and give back by volunteering their time and raising funds and awareness.

“We were looking to achieve a ‘bigger picture’ impact, and this campaign aligned with our three pillars: giving, engagement, and exposure for our REALTORS®,” said Trevor Koot, Executive Officer of KADREA. “REALTORS® care and are truly engaged in their communities, and we as an organization like to take those opportunities to engage in the community as a whole.”

“Seeing is Believing” Tour

On February 5, 2019, 50 REALTORS® participated on a “Seeing is Believing” bus tour hosted by the United Way. It served as an opportunity to learn and explore the scope of low-income subsidized and transitional housing available in the area.

Koot described the tour as “an educational experience that REALTORS® will be able to apply and incorporate what they heard into their business.”

Hands-on Volunteering

In an effort to spread the love on Valentine’s Day, REALTORS® volunteered their time to help paint the Emerald House, a co-ed and low barrier shelter that provides accommodation for women and men who are homeless.


Another component of the campaign was to raise funds for apartment kits. These kits have everything you would need to get started in a new home, such as towels, sheets, dishes, utensils, cleaning supplies and toiletries. REALTORS® and community members generously donated towards the kits.

Koot offered up some final advice that could help other REALTORS® make a deeper impact for the causes they believe in: “Collaborate. Plain and simple. What we noticed, especially with the smaller brokerages, is this type of initiative creates an opportunity for those who wouldn’t necessarily do things on their own. Whatever we do, we try to collaborate. These organizations are so excited when they can meet with someone and build a bigger idea.”

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