REALTORS® in Manitoba Do a Good Deed on Good Friday

The Manitoba Real Estate Association Shelter Foundation and REALTORS Care®, stepped up to the plate on Good Friday, dishing out a magnificent feast for those less fortunate of our “City” who are living out on the streets; out homeless members of society.

REALTORS® honoured approximately 500 people with a full course ham dinner, fresh pies and chocolate, which were handed out by the Easter rabbit himself, a six foot pink bunny, who was brought in to convey Happy Easter wishes to each and every one in attendance.

52 REALTORS® including both Presidents, of the Manitoba Real Estate Association, Reg Black, and WinnipegREALTORS® Association, Wes Schollenberg, in addition to the Manitoba Securities Commissions, Bill Baluk and MREA’s Executive Director, Brian Collie, were on hand to represent the real estate industry.

The MREA Shelter Foundation and REALTORS Care®, in conjunction with Siloam Mission, are proud to assist the homeless, living out on the streets of our fine city.

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