Kawartha Lakes REALTORS® act to lift the burden of hunger

This past May, REALTORS® from the Kawartha Lakes region came together to take action against one of the most fundamental issues affecting those in poverty and the working poor: hunger. For several years, the Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Association has been lending their support to the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, an organization devoted to relieving pressure from the community’s over-extended food aid infrastructure by providing essential food gathering services. The REALTORS® have been on the frontlines of this initiative, offering their assistance by hosting an annual food drive.

“Our members are very aware of the issues that face our local communities,” explain Association President Kelly James. “The City of Kawartha Lakes Poverty Reduction Strategy estimates between 1,600 and 2,100 people use the food bank on a monthly basis. That number is staggering and represents the desperate need of our residents. Not only adults but children as well. Our members are very committed to helping our neighbours. The motto, “We Live Here… We Work Here,” is echoed throughout our Association.”

Since 2013, Kawartha Lakes REALTORS® have been at the forefront of donation efforts, taking time out of their days leading up to the food drive to solicit, collect and transport donations. Support from Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Association members has been great, with five separate brokerages turning out to lend their assistance.

“Our members always give generously. It’s our way of giving back to our community,” Kelly says. “We arrange a day for pick up at the Brokerages and then take the food directly to the Food Banks at a pre-arranged time. Some of our members make a monetary donation as well.

We realize that on any given day, it could be our neighbour, friend, family member, co-worker that may be in need of the Food Banks’ assistance.”

The food drive is just part of the Kawartha Lakes Real Estate Association’s history of charitable endeavours. Recently the REALTORS® also reached out to the Food for Kids City of Kawartha Lakes program, providing them with a generous donation to assist them in providing cost free and healthy school lunches for local children. Kawartha Lake REALTORS® exemplify the spirit of generosity that defines the REALTOR® profession, working close with the community to provide local solutions to local problems.

“Look deep within your community to identify where the needs are. Find those organizations that don’t receive government funding; who rely on financial donations as well as people to donate their time. Today, we REALTORS® may be in a position to help other people in our community, so use that strength, position, and ability for the overall good. Take the opportunity to give back, because tomorrow none of us are immune to misfortune and everyone deserves compassion.”

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