The REALTOR® community has raised over $65,700 for British Columbia

Firefighter working in field. Support banner for REALTORS Care® B.C. Fires fundraising appeal

The REALTOR® community has shown, time and time again, when large-scale disasters strike, they are keen to come together and raise funds for the victims. Since 2013, the REALTOR® community has raised over $1 million for the Canadian Red Cross.

Due to approximately 160 devastating wildfires that burned across British Columbia in July 2017, a province-wide state of emergency was declared and some 40,000 inhabitants were evacuated from their homes.

The REALTOR® community responded and raised over $65,700 for the Canadian Red Cross’ B.C. Fires Appeal via REALTORS Care®.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the REALTOR® community for helping during these difficult moments.

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