The Canadian REALTOR® Community Reports Giving Over $71.6 Million to Charity in 2012-2014

This spring, we asked REALTORS®, brokerages, franchisors, real estate Boards and Associations, and their affiliated charitable organizations how much they raised and/or donated to charity in 2014. We crunched the numbers and it turns out they reported over $17.7 million in funds raised and donated. Added to our previous 2012-2013 tally, that’s a grand total of $71.6 million in only three years.

Even though this is an impressive number, we know it is only a fraction of the true amount of money, not to mention time and passion, the REALTOR® community gave to charity during those three years. Many REALTORS® are humble about their charitable works and don’t want to publicize the contributions they’ve made to their communities and favourite charities. We here at the Canadian REALTORS Care®Foundation greatly respect this view, but we also believe that it is important to spread the word about their good deeds. It not only illustrates the generosity of the REALTOR® community, but also shines the spotlight on the charities and causes close to their hearts and can inspire others to follow their lead to get involved and help make a difference.

Thanks to the REALTORS®, brokerages, franchisors, real estate Boards and Associations, and charities who helped us come up with our 2012-2014 total. We look forward to your continued support next spring!

P.S. It’s not too early to report fundraising totals and donations you’ve made so far in 2015.

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