JC Realty helps bring holiday spirit to foster children in Regina

This Christmas, REALTORS® from JC Realty in Regina hosted their annual Toy Drive for Local Kids in Need, a community focused donation drive that aims to provide all children across the city the Christmas Day they deserve. Together, the small team of 10 REALTORS® managed to collect enough toys for over 150 kids as well as numerous backpacks, suitcases, and duffle bags for the Thomas Circle of Care foster children support centre to ensure every child can transition to their new home with dignity.

“We’ve been assisting foster children for going on four years now,” explains REALTOR® and sales manager for JC Realty, Jessica Dunn. “It’s an issue that’s close to all of our hearts. We love giving back to the community and there’s no better time to help than over Christmas.”

It all started four years ago in 2016 when JC Realty decided to change the focus of their charitable engagements to a more community-centric approach. During their search, they came across a foster mother on a community Facebook group who was struggling to provide her children with enough toys for Christmas.

“We wanted to do something impactful that hits home in the community,” Jessica continues. “I came across a foster mom who was struggling with coming up with toys for her children. When we heard this, we were excited to help and connected with her. Its grown larger and larger every year.”

JC Realty’s Toy Drive for Local Kids has become an annual holiday tradition. The REALTORS® have partnered with various other charitable groups in their community to expand their reach. This small but mighty brokerage shows that you don’t need to be a large organization to help the people that need it most.

“As REALTORS®, we see the struggles our community faces firsthand,” says Jessica. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in our daily lives, but you have to look past the inner circle and evaluate what the community needs most. The more you help the better you’ll feel and it makes the world around you a better place.”

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